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Welcome to eduSpace online Help. This resource provides immediate answers to your questions about your course and the eduSpace system.


For answers to commonly asked questions, refer to the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).

Using Help

There are several features of this online Help that have been included to aid you in your search for answers. Notice that the Help window consists of two frames. The left-hand frame provides reference resources for locating topics related to your question, whereas the right-hand frame displays the currently selected topic.


While you use the Help system, you can navigate with the tabs, hyperlinks, and features associated with your browser.


The left-hand frame includes several tabs to perform different searches through the Help content. Click on one of these tabs.

Contents Tab

Displays a list of Help books and pages. Click a book and it expands to show groups of pages. Click a page to view its corresponding topic.

Index Tab

Provides a list of keywords. Click a keyword to view its corresponding topic.

Search Tab

Enter words or phrases to scan topic content and find all topics that match the search criteria.


As you look through the online Help, you may find highlighted or underscored text. Click on any of these "hyperlinks" to jump directly to more information. Some links may connect to other locations on the current page, whereas others will point to separate Web pages.

Your Browser Features

Because the eduSpace Help is designed to work with the Web, you can use your browser features, such as the Back button, to return to a previously viewed Help topic.


Frequently Asked Questions

Because there are questions that seem to be asked often, we have put together a list of these commonly asked questions and the corresponding answers in a separate section (FAQ) for your quick review.

Is Your Question Still Unanswered?

If, after searching through the online Help, you still do not have an answer to your question, contact Technical Support.