"He Who Manufactures Inexpensively Increases Profit"

Your Fortune is in China

China Offers Better Prices

If you are looking for ways to manufacture your product at a lower cost, why not consider China? We can help you by evaluating your product needs and presenting a proposal that may provide you with lower costs to manufacture and better time to market.

A Trustworthy Supplier

Often when US businesses venture outside of the US to manufacture their products, their plans run amok because of the language barrier or simply because the supplier is on the other side of the globe.

We can offer you dependability and consistency in product manufacturing and delivery through our "American-to-Chinese interface". Your immediate contact is through our US office, which makes it easy to talk with somebody during normal business hours. We are directly connected with our American partners in Hong Kong. They have lived there for several years and have the cultural and language experience, and manufacturing relationships necessary to manufacture and deliver your product on time and below budget.

Why Not Let Us Evaluate Your Product Idea?

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Your Link to Manufacturing in China

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Your Link to Manufacturing in China