Jon Leer, Director of Marketing, is your contact in the US. With over 25 years in the high-tech, medical, and financial industries, he brings expertise in working with a variety of professionals in Product Management, Marketing, Design, Engineering, and Manufacturing to develop and market new products. His experience and relationships with manufacturing professionals in Asia offers you the link for connecting directly to quality, low-cost production in China.

Stu Leer has been providing product development and manufacturing expertise to consumer product companies in Asia, the Americas, and Europe for the past 30 years. He has built extensive relationships with manufacturers, vendors, and distributors. His familiarity with the Chinese culture and language, and his living in Hong Kong provides you with the critical interface between the East and the West.

Domingo Fung has lived in China for most of his life.  He has extensive business and technical experience working with vendors and factories in China to manufacture and distribute products throughout the world. He has 30+ years with GE/Thomson providing electrical engineering and manufacturing management.

Experienced contacts in Hong Kong provide reliability, consistency, and sourcing expertise.

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Our team consists of marketing, import/export, and manufacturing professionals in the US and in China.

Through our relationships, we are able to source a wide variety of manufacturing processes to provide you with efficient and timely production and ROI.