The World Without Documentation

“What a wonderful world this would be”

by SamCooke

Great song. But just consider for a moment what the world would be without documentation…

Who Needs Documentation?

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It’s Time to Clean Up Your Documentation

Companies invest a lot of money into developing and delivering content. Shouldn’t it perform for you?

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Simplify Critical Information with QRGs

Team of IT specialists in datacenter working by network servers

At some point somebody will ask you if you have a Quick Reference Guide, or QRG. These documents are useful for summarizing operational information about products, services, and processes for employees, partners, and/or customers. They are for “quick reference” and easy to use because they summarize the critical operational information.  If you don’t have one, you may be a bit perplexed how to create it. However, it can be fairly easy to do.
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Developers are Wizards – With Writers, Developers are Experts

, ,      . . , , .       ,  .    , .To document is often considered unnecessary for one’s time. Let’s face it, developers think “code”. Documenting code is an extraneous after thought, tucked in at the end to meet customer acceptance criteria. This is conveniently referred to in management parlance as “just in time.” 

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10 Things You Should Have Before Starting a New Contract Techwriting Project

Before starting a new project as a contract technical writer, be prepared for success. Here are 10 things you (and your customer) can benefit from having up front:

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Managing Templates

Anybody can write. Well, they’ve been lead to believe they can by the manufacturers of word processing software. And to the extent that anybody can create a document with content, this is true. However, publishing the document with the the rudiments of communication decorum, e.g., consistent fonts, layout… basic appearance, not to mention organization is another story. To create “consistency” many organizations look to use templates. The problem is that most users have no clue about basic template building.

Stay tuned as I reveal common errors users make when attempting to create and use templates to create documents.


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