Improve Your Customer Relations Through Better Documentation

Increase Product Sales with Better Marketing Materials

Increase Your Brand without Breaking the Bank

Rumor has it that your products are great. But what about the supporting product documentation and marketing materials?

Are they winning awards? Or, are they simply “adequate”? These extremes may not be doing you any favors. Awards do not guarantee sales. And adequate usually equates to mediocre, nothing special.

If the marcom components of your communication mix are not increasing sales, they should be improved.

If the documentation components are not reducing support calls and improving customer satisfaction, they should be improved.

Since 1990, Leer Technical Communications has been helping companies build brand recognition, reduce support calls, and improve customer relations by developing effective customer/employee communication products and services, from manuals to brochures, online help to web content.

Note, I am NOT asking you to outsource development of your marketing and documentation materials, although Leer Technical Communications does provide these services. I AM offering your staff tips that improve customer satisfaction, reduce support calls, and increase sales.

Leer Technical Communications offers onsite workshops that evaluate your current programs and introduce tools and processes that will improve them to achieve your business goal.

If you are interested in hearing more, reply by completing this brief survey. I will personally reply with suggested workshops for your staff.


I look forward to helping your staff deliver company information more effectively so it reflects positively on your bottom line.


Sincerely yours,

Jon Leer


Leer Technical Communications



Microsoft Partner

Member of:

Society for Technical Communication

Public Relations Society of America

Boston Software Performance Improvement Network



Recent Projects

Health Dialog
(A leading provider of care management and analytic services)

Worked with virtual team of SMEs from Microsoft and Resolute to coordinate all project documentation to meet Version 1 deliverables per the Statement of Work. This included, writing, editing, defining processes, and storing all documents in SharePoint.

 Concord Group Insurance
(brokerage for auto and property/casualty insurance)

Wrote technical references and operator guides for large web-based .NET/SQL Server integration project with 3rd-party products and backend proprietary services. References covered portal, source subsystems (e.g., Policy Administration, Billing, Bill Payment, e-Documents, DataWarehouse, Claims), and base system integration utilizing BizTalk orchestrations for asynchronous communications and message queuing for source-target transactions. Tools used: Word, Snag-IT, Visual Studio, SQL Server Enterprise Manager, VSS, XMLSPY, Visio.


Developed a media list for this Hong Kong-based manufacturer of computer cables and components to build its brand in the US. This included advising on press release placement and web content.

(global leader in information storage systems, software, networks and services)

Wrote training course design documents, user and train-the-trainer manuals, and e-learning modules to support CRM system. Tools used: Powerpoint, Word, ViewletBuilder, SnagIt, FireFly.

(publisher in NYC)

Researched and wrote a manuscript for A+ Software Certification Series college textbook, covering Windows 9x, 2000, XP. Linux, and UNIX, to accompany additional elearning materials. Tools used: Word

Fallon Clinic
(leading healthcare company in Central Massachusetts)

Researched and wrote policies to comply with HIPAA Privacy and Security regulations. Tools used: Word

Houghton Mifflin
(leading publisher of university textbooks)

Wrote online Help system for web-based course management system. Tools used: RoboHelp

SAN Valley, Inc.
(developer of storage area network systems using Fiber Channel-to-Gigabit Ethernet technology)

Rewrote Installation Guide (admin), and Configuration and Operations Guide (technical) covering Command Language Interface for the Java-based network management system (admin), CLI Reference Guide (marketing), and Quick Start Guide (marketing). Tools used: Framemaker